What are the application fields of fire exhaust cabinet?
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In recent years, the relevant applications of fire exhaust fan enclosures have become more and more widespread, and this product has also been unanimously approved by the majority of users. In order to help you understand the fire exhaust fan enclosures in a more comprehensive manner, the next editor Let me explain briefly.

1. Fire-fume exhaust cabinet application places: It can be used in hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, basements, workshops of factories and mining enterprises, office buildings and other places where fire protection and ventilation are required. Users can choose according to different occasions and different purposes.
2. Requirements for the air transported during application: no more viscous substances are allowed in the gas, and the dust and hard particles contained in the gas are not more than 50mg / m3.
3. The temperature of the fire-fighting exhaust cabinet: After the high temperature test, the flue gas can be continuously operated for more than 40 minutes under the high temperature of 280 C to achieve the purpose of exhausting fire.
The above points are related to the fire smoke exhaust cabinet. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact our staff, we will provide you with better products and services.