FRP centrifugal fan working principle and function analysis
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FRP centrifugal fan is a fan made of FRP material, also called anticorrosive centrifugal fan. Generally, FRP centrifugal fans can be used in places with corrosive gases and emit corrosive gases. Next, I will introduce the working principle and role analysis of FRP centrifugal fans in detail:

Generally, the working principle of our glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fans is basically the same as that of turbo compressors, but because the gas flow rate is low and the pressure does not change much, it is generally unnecessary to consider the change of the specific volume of the gas, that is, treat the gas as an incompressible fluid. FRP centrifugal fans can be made into right-handed and left-handed types. When viewed from the side of the motor, the impeller rotates clockwise, called right-handed fan, and counterclockwise, called left-handed.
FRP centrifugal fans are widely used in ventilation, dust extraction and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings.
For our FRP centrifugal fan, we will explain it to you for the time being, welcome to cooperate with us!

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