Market application value of single-layer rainproof shutters
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The rainproof shutter has the advantages of simple structure, good rainproof and windproof performance, light weight, and easy installation. It uses imported high-quality actuator driving components, which is stable, reliable and noiseless. Single-layer rainproof shutters are used in computer rooms or other public places with long-term ventilation requirements. It consists of rain-proof blades with gutters (GBC without) and side frames with drip frames. It can effectively prevent rainwater from entering the room, and no water curtain will form on the windward surface of the entire shutter, thereby ensuring normal design ventilation requirements. The single-layer adjusting shutter is used for the environment that needs lighting, heat dissipation, wind protection, and adjustment of airflow without rain. It can be widely used in computer rooms, office buildings or other related occasions. The outer side is equipped with a protective net cover and the inner side is equipped with screens, which can ensure that the room is full of fresh air and no insects or light objects will enter the room, giving people a pleasant working and living environment.
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