Why doesn't the radiator of FRP centrifugal fan work properly?
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Traditional glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fans usually have a radiator to awaken the heat treatment of glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fans, but when we use it, we find that the radiator does not work properly. Why is this? What causes it? Let me explain why it is practical.
The reason is that the radiator of the FRP centrifugal fan is not hot locally, and the internal gas of the radiator cannot be exhausted, and it can not perform the real heat dissipation. This situation is generally concentrated in anti-fashion installation, gas flow is not smooth and caused. We can open the exhaust valve of the roof fan to exhaust the air inside the radiator. If this does not work, we have to show off that we need to check whether the system has too low pressure difference.
The above situation is the reason why the radiator of FRP centrifugal fan does not work properly. I hope it is helpful to you. If you want to know the ַƱ about FRP centrifugal fan, please contact our customer service staff in time, or you can follow us Website update, we will provide you with more professional knowledge for your inspection, thank you for your support!

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