How to distinguish the quality of zinc steel rain shutters?
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Zinc-steel rain-proof shutters are one of the key E-1 shutters. Due to their good rain resistance, they have been widely used in various industries. However, there are still many people who know very little about zinc steel rain shutters. Especially when it comes to choosing rainproof blinds, I don't know how to distinguish his quality.
The frame of zinc steel rain shutters is a rectangular tube. Generally this will not cause any problems, but we must pay special attention to the sheet. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in the market may make articles and cut corners on the page. A better sheet should have curling at both ends. The curling has two advantages, one is to protect the edges from rusting, and the other is to enhance the strength of the entire sheet. Many manufacturers do not have this curling. They do this mainly to save costs, so you must pay attention to this when choosing.
For today ’s explanation, I believe that everyone has a new understanding of the choice of zinc steel rainproof blinds. Thank you for your support and watching. We are a professional manufacturer of zinc steel rainproof blinds. If you have this demand , Welcome to ַƱ, and welcome to cooperate with us.

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