How to deal with the imbalance of the weight of FRP centrifugal fan?
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Users who have used FRP centrifugal fans know that when using FRP centrifugal fans for a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be vibrations caused by reasons such as weight imbalance. The noise generated by such vibrations will affect the surrounding environment and deteriorate working conditions. So what should we do if we encounter imbalance in the weight of FRP centrifugal fans?
The design of the FRP centrifugal fan, the residual unbalance of the rotating parts, the deviation of the concentricity of the installation, the design and installation of the process pipeline, and the failure of the instrumentation are all closely related. In order to reduce vibration and noise in stable operation, avoid unfavorable factors as much as possible during design and manufacture, and control the induced vibration within the allowable range.
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