Muffler (silencer)
WX type micro-perforated plate muffler features: the micro-plate muffler is a dual cavity type, composed of two layers of micro-perforated plates with different perforations, and the air column at the neck of the small hole on the plate and the air in the cavity form a plywood sound absorption mechanism When the frequency of the external noise and the natural frequency of the elastic system are the same, it causes the air at small apertures to strongly resonate, which causes severe friction and consumes sound energy. The micro-plate muffler is particularly suitable for attenuation of low-frequency noise.
Muffler elbow (ultra-fine glass wool), GH short-arm muffler Board, the sound-absorbing material is glass cloth wrapped ultra-fine glass wool, and the steel frame is used as the keel to ensure the stability of the sound-absorbing material under high-speed airflow.
ZF type impedance composite muffler (standard T701-6) features: the use of sudden changes in the cross section of the muffler inside the tube, the expansion effect of the inner and outer chambers, effective muffler effect on the low frequency and some intermediate frequencies, and the block type It is a wide-spectrum muffler, which is widely used in air-conditioning ventilation systems to reduce the noise of medium and low-pressure fans.
YSZ type round cross resistive muffler is made of galvanized sheet with different thickness. The inner tube is filled with ultra-fine glass wool as a sound absorbing material between the perforated plate and the outer tube. A cross-shaped sound absorbing sheet is longitudinally arranged in the through-flow section to increase the volume and rigidity of the muffler.
The muffler uses angle steel frame and glass wool sound-absorbing glass wool sound-absorbing sheet. The hollow section of the inner tube section and the expansion chamber between the inner and outer tube are formed. effect.
Muffler shutters use galvanized perforated sheet as muffler blades. The blade form uses small oval sound-absorbing sheets for return air or air supply systems, air conditioning and cooling devices, computer rooms, equipment rooms, hotels, accounting rooms, etc Indoor environment, eliminating interference and equipment noise.