Fire exhaust fan case
Normally closed smoke exhaust fire valve, also known as secondary action smoke exhaust fire valve. Usually in a normally closed state. When a fire occurs, the control center inputs DC24V power and the valve opens quickly. Output valve opening signal, interlock control fire exhaust fan.
The fire-fighting exhaust cabinet uses a high-temperature-resistant double-layer structural board, and the motor and transmission components are placed outside the box.
HTFC (DT) series of low-noise fire-resistant dual-use air cabinets, fire exhaust cabinets are widely used in hotels, stadiums, schools, restaurants, movie theaters, auditoriums, civil residences, industrial and mining enterprises and other fire-fighting and ventilation places. They can also be used in central air-conditioning System and environmental protection purification system.
XPZ / HTF (GYF) series fire-fighting high-temperature smoke exhaust fan has high efficiency and energy saving, stable operation, low noise, reasonable high temperature resistant structure, easy installation, vertical, horizontal and hanging installation.
Fully automatic smoke exhaust fire valve, fire-fighting component, is generally installed on the pipe of the mechanical smoke exhaust system. It is usually closed. When a fire occurs, the smoke is turned on. When the temperature of the smoke in the smoke exhaust pipe reaches 280 degrees, it is closed. Meet the requirements of smoke leakage and fire integrity within time, and play a role of smoke and fire.
The smoke exhaust valve is generally installed on the air duct of the smoke exhaust system. When a fire is normally closed, the smoke sensor sends out a fire alarm signal. The control center is energized with DC24V to energize the valve to quickly open the valve. Exhaust.
Divided multi-leaf air volume adjustment valves are generally used in air conditioning and ventilation system pipes to adjust the air volume of branch pipes, and can also be mixed with fresh air and return air. The valve is divided into two types: manual and electric. According to the tightness, it can also be divided into two types: closed type and ordinary type. Electric can automatically control and adjust the air volume to match the automatic control system.
HTFC (DT) series low-noise fire-fighting (dual-use) cabinet centrifugal fan is a high-efficiency, low-noise centrifugal fan. .
Multi-leaf air outlet application: Usually installed on smoke exhaust walkway, smoke prevention front room, smoke exhaust vertical. It is especially suitable for installation on the smoke exhaust walkway, smoke-proof front room near the ceiling or on the ceiling.
DSF series high-temperature fire-fume exhaust fan enclosures include all the advantages of the DEF low-noise smoke exhaust fan phase. In addition to being used as DBF low-noise fan cases, they can also emit high-temperature smoke at temperatures above 280 C.