BDW series roof fan (explosion-proof roof fan)
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Smoke Exhaust Fire Valve
Smoke Exhaust Fire Valve
product description

The smoke exhaust fire valve is used on the air supply and return air pipes of the ventilation and air-conditioning system. It is normally open. Once the fire occurs, the gas temperature in the pipe will automatically close when it reaches 70 C, and it can meet the fire resistance stability within a certain time And fire integrity requirements, it plays a role in preventing fire and smoke. 用在排烟系统管道上或排烟风机的吸入口处,平时呈关闭状态,当火灾发生时,通过火灾报警信号手动或自动开启阀门,根据系统功能配合排烟,当管道内烟气温度达到280℃时自动关闭,并能在一定时间内满足耐火稳定性和耐火完整性要求,起隔烟阻火作用。 The smoke exhaust fire valve is used on the pipe of the smoke exhaust system or the suction inlet of the smoke exhaust fan. It is usually closed. When a fire occurs, the valve is manually or automatically opened by the fire alarm signal. According to the system function, the smoke is discharged. When the temperature of the flue gas reaches 280 C, it will be closed automatically, and it can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability and fire integrity within a certain period of time, and it acts as a fire barrier. The smoke exhaust fire valve produced by our company also has the following advantages:
1. Low air leakage and good air tightness;
2. Electric current consumption is small;
3. Strong anti-corrosion performance and long service life; (material is stainless steel)
4. Flexible actuator driving, accurate feedback and interlocking signals.