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vanitation pipe
The new type central air-conditioning fan coil unit adopts high-quality galvanized sheet casing, and the condensate pan is integrally formed by the molding process. No welding seams, solder joints, and fire-resistant insulation materials are integrally connected to the water pan.
Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct is divided into overall ordinary type (non-insulation), overall insulation type (inner and outer surfaces are inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic, middle is a hot material), and combined type (connected by composite board, special glue, flange, reinforcement corners, etc. Into the wind pipe) and combined insulation type.
Compared with pipes made of other materials, the ventilation pipes and accessories made of glass steel have its superior performance. It has a small bulk density (1.8T / m3), corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high strength, and long life. It is especially suitable for humid, acid and alkali places.
The common-plate flanged air duct is also called non-blue duct, and its production form is faster, more convenient, and has a smaller air leakage rate than the traditional rectangular duct. Its advantages are saving materials and reducing engineering investment; small air leakage, reducing energy consumption, saving operating costs, are popular with construction companies.
The composite glass-magnesium duct is made of glued structure, which can not be connected by blue. , Excellent insulation performance improves the efficiency of air transportation.
Glass fiber ducts are ventilation ducts used in ventilation and air conditioning of construction projects, especially ventilation ducts with sterilization, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound attenuation.
FRP duct is a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant non-metallic pipe. It is a glass fiber with a resin-based weight that is wound layer by layer on a rotating core mold according to the process requirements, and quartz sand is evenly spread over the distance between the fibers as an interlayer.
In the season when the central air-conditioning fan coils are not used, the coils must be filled with water to reduce rust in the summer; the water must be drained clean in winter to avoid cracking the copper pipes.