Central air-conditioning fan coil
Central air-conditioning fan coil
product description

The use of central air-conditioning fan coils requires regular cleaning work, and this work has a special method, high clarity, and no corrosion. The GJ-air-conditioning fan coil aluminum fin cleaner is used, and professional coil fins are used. The cleaning agent does not contain strong acids and alkalis, and the components are inorganic salts, slime strippers, corrosion inhibitors, etc. The cleaning dirt is mainly oil scale, oxides, dust and other impurities of the surface cooler aluminum fin surface.
In addition, according to the introduction, it can be learned that the professional cleaning agent used in the central air-conditioning fan coil has high speciality, thorough degreasing and dust removal. After descaling, the surface of the aluminum fin of the surface cooler looks very bright, fast and safe: Low corrosion rate of equipment, non-toxic and tasteless, non-flammable and non-explosive, practical, good water solubility, good permeability, easy to operate. Dust and dirt are excluded from the small gap between the fins of the surface cooler by the penetration function of the central air conditioner. The special fan coil fin cleaning agent will not cause corrosion damage to the thin fins of the surface cooler. After many units have cleaned the fan coils with the special air conditioner surface cooler aluminum fin cleaning agent, the air volume of the air conditioner fan coils increases significantly. After the surface cooler is cleaned, the cooling effect is greatly improved.
At the same time, if you want to use the central air-conditioning fan coil smoothly, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The central air-conditioning fan coil unit should have full-time personnel to perform periodical maintenance, and perform daily monitoring and regular maintenance on the unit. It is necessary to formulate strict post responsibility systems and operating procedures, and strengthen regular maintenance and overhaul.
2. Generally, the central air-conditioning fan coil unit should be cleaned once every three months, so as to ensure that the return air is unobstructed.
3. The central air-conditioning fan coil should be cleaned regularly. Remove ash and scale inside the coil to avoid affecting the heat exchange effect and ventilation.
4. In the season when the central air-conditioning fan coils are not used, the coils must be filled with water to reduce rust in summer; the water must be drained cleanly in winter to avoid cracking the copper pipes.
5. The power must be turned off before maintenance, and the words "Don't open during maintenance" should be set at the power source to avoid danger caused by misuse.

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