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FRP duct
FRP duct
product description

FRP duct is a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant non-metallic pipe. It is a glass fiber with a resin-based weight that is wound layer by layer on a rotating core mold according to the process requirements, and quartz sand is evenly spread over the distance between the fibers as an interlayer. Its pipe wall structure is reasonable, and it can give full play to the role of materials. Under the premise of satisfying the use strength, it improves the rigidity and ensures the stability and reliability of the product. Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand has been accepted by customers for its excellent chemical resistance, light weight and high strength, no scaling, strong shock resistance, long service life compared with ordinary steel pipes, low comprehensive cost, fast installation, safety and reliability.
Features of FRP duct:
(1) FRP duct has excellent anti-corrosion performance. Do not use anti-corrosion protection and other anti-corrosion measures. It will not cause secondary pollution to water and other media. The product has a long service life.
(2) The FRP duct is light in weight, the pipe weight only accounts for 1/4 of the ductile iron pipe of the same specification and the same length, and 1/10 of the cement pipe. Convenient transportation and installation, easy installation.
(3) The length of a single pipe of FRP air duct is long, reducing pipeline joints, accelerating the installation speed, and improving the quality of the entire pipeline.
(4) The inner wall of the glass fiber reinforced plastic duct is smooth, reducing flow resistance, increasing flow velocity, and reducing energy consumption. Use a smaller diameter pipe to convey the same flow of fluid, which can increase the flow by about 10% compared with the same size steel pipe; it does not scale, and does not reduce the flow rate for long-term use. The protection of cables in both noisy and heavily corroded environments is good.
FRP ducts include metal ducts, inorganic FRP ducts, inorganic FRP ducts, and PVC ducts. They usually adopt the structure mode of “air duct + insulation layer”. This kind of air duct has a long construction period, heavy weight, poor heat insulation performance, large volume, and inconvenient transportation. It is necessary to reserve space for the insulation layer during installation and use it. Low life. This defect has not been resolved. The ventilation pipe production line has been put into mass production.

Ventilation pipe equipment features:

1. Ventilation pipe equipment (ventilation pipe plate production line | ventilation pipe production line) adopts the special process of double drive, secondary distribution, and secondary recompression, using magnesium inorganic gelling materials, agricultural waste, perlite powder and other materials. After mixing and homogenization, it can be molded in one time to produce double-sided light-weight heat-insulating ventilation pipe panels of respective specifications. The equipment has a high degree of automation, low labor intensity, and simple technology. It has the features of automatic spreading, automatic feeding, accurate transmission, stable operation, and no noise. The thickness of the product is uniform, and the bonding strength is high. It is the upgrading equipment selected by Wang Handmade Ventilation Pipe Enterprise. It is also an ideal investment project for small and medium investors.

2. Ventilation pipe equipment (ventilation pipe plate production line | ventilation pipe production line). According to market drinking application requirements, it can produce various specifications of lightweight insulation boards (thickness 20mm ~ 60mm, length 2000mm ~ 3600mm, width 600mm ~ 1300mm), such as There are special requirements can be customized.

3. Ventilation pipe equipment (ventilation pipe plate production line | ventilation pipe production line) This production line can also produce various specifications of internal and external wall insulation materials. It is a replacement product of traditional wall insulation material production enterprises.

Product characteristics of plexiglass steel duct;

1. Energy saving: The composite air pipe has low thermal conductivity and small wind resistance, which improves the efficiency of cold and hot air transportation.

2.Simple production, convenient installation, light weight, high strength, small size, convenient transportation, no need to reserve installation space above it.

3. Noise reduction, keep the indoor environment quiet, have good sound insulation performance, at the same time heat preservation, shock absorption and sound absorption, reduce air vibration and drink machinery production noise.

4. Excellent fire resistance performance, the fire resistance level reaches A level, and it does not rust, mold, dust, bacteria, odor, and does not produce granular, strong pollutants and organic volatiles, which makes indoor air quality Greatly improve.

5. Good sealing performance and super flexural strength. All adopt gel structure, which greatly improves the sealing performance. And the flexural strength reaches 2.5MPa, can withstand the wind pressure of 2500pa, to meet the use of high, medium and low pressure ventilation systems;

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