FRP Axial Fan
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Laboratory equipment
The installation and adjustment level of the fume hood must be in place, otherwise it will affect the balance effect of the window adjustment; the electrical part must be properly installed by the electrical professional, and the fan wiring must pay attention to the turning of the blades, and the wind direction cannot be upside down.
FRP has a wide range of corrosion resistance. It is suitable for operation positions and occasions with acid and alkali gases, toxic and harmful gases and organic solvent gases, and dust generation. FRP can withstand temperatures of 80 C for a long time, and 130 C for a short time. ≥30, belong to flame-resistant materials.
The whole steel fume hood is bent and formed into a 1.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with epoxy powder to resist acid and alkali. The upper part is equipped with an air inlet system to make the exhaust more smooth. Pretreatment steps: spraying of cleaning agent and atomizer-water washing-spraying of purified sealing material.
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