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Air heater / air curtain
The S-type air heater heat exchanger is multi-circuit, there are two rows, three rows, and the finned tube is an aluminum rolled spiral finned tube. Completely eliminate contact thermal resistance and electrical corrosion.
GSN steel heater is a combined unit consisting of a fan, an electric motor, and a radiator. When the air does not contain dust, flammable and explosive gases, it can be used for circulating air heating. After repeated thermal performance tests, the product has stable and reliable performance, simple structure, convenient installation, energy saving, small size and light weight.
RM type cross-flow hot air curtain outlet air width is 1200mm, cross-flow fan is used, impeller diameter is 150mm, the direction of water inlet (return) is horizontally installed on the left side, and the heat medium is hot water cross-flow hot air curtain.
GNFDZ series new heater is a new type of heater that our company has absorbed external technology and redesigned the product using aesthetic technology.
QXN heater is a newer product developed by our company, which fills the gap in the internal heater. It changes the traditional axial flow heater to a centrifugal double heater.
The air heater is a combined ventilation and heating unit. It is suitable for various types of industrial and mining enterprise workshops, workshops, garages and other buildings. When the air does not contain dust and flammable gas, it can be used for circulating air heating.
The impeller of the air curtain is made of light metal material or hard plastic, and is driven by a single-phase motor. The motor and the impeller, the impeller and the bracket, and the motor and the base are all made of flexible rubber material to absorb shocks and run smoothly. Suitable for closing doors and keeping cold in summer business places. Such as: cold storage, food processing workshop, purification workshop and other places.
Tubular electric heating air curtain can be divided into semiconductor thermal ceramic heater and finned electric tube heater according to different heating materials; it can be divided into economical and luxurious type according to different casing materials; according to different structures, it can be divided into two types: Divided into two types: ordinary and enhanced.
The RM series cross-flow hot water hot air curtain uses high-efficiency heat exchange coils. The air from the cross-flow fan is used to eject heat from the air curtain outlet. The coil's heat medium uses hot water.
The RM series cross-flow steam hot air curtain uses high-efficiency heat exchange coils, and uses the air flow of the cross-flow fan to eject heat from the air curtain outlet. The heat exchange coil is made of steel pipe wrapped with aluminum sheet and then expanded by liquid or mechanical pressure. It has high heat exchange capacity and is a better choice to save electricity in places where steam is the heat source.