Anticorrosive Centrifugal Fan
Anticorrosive Centrifugal Fan
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输送的气体均不含粘性物质,在所含尘土及硬质颗粒物不大于150mg/m 3 ,气体温度不超过80℃。 Anti-corrosion type centrifugal fan does not contain viscous substances. The dust and hard particles contained in it are not more than 150mg / m 3 , and the gas temperature is not more than 80 C.

The performance, options and foundation size of the B4-72 fan are consistent with the 4-72 type, which can be selected according to its sample.

The fan mechanism is basically the same as the 4-72 type. NO.2.8--6A uses a B35 motor with a flange and a ground foot. NO.6--12C and D motors use the YB series corresponding to the Y series in the table. , The installation form is B3.


4-72 centrifugal fans are suitable for the supply, exhaust and general ventilation of various civil and industrial buildings.

F4-72 anti-corrosion centrifugal fan is made of stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic or other corrosion-resistant materials. It is suitable for installation and use in chemical plants, laboratories, basements, baths and other occasions. It is used to transport corrosive gases, acid and alkaline gases and high humidity gases. .

B4-72 explosion-proof centrifugal fan is a special explosion-proof fan. It is installed and used in oil-gas boiler rooms, high-concentration dust workshops, oil depots, gas storage stations, flammable and explosive storage warehouses, etc. Combustible, explosive and volatile gases.


When viewed from the side of the motor, the impeller rotates clockwise and is called a right-handed fan, which is indicated by "right"; the impeller rotated counterclockwise is called a left-handed fan, which is indicated by "left".
The position of the air outlet of the fan is expressed by the angle of the air outlet of the casing. No2.8-6 # is made into a type when it leaves the factory, and its angle ranges from 0 -225 with an interval of 45 . The position of No6-12 # air outlet is made of three fixed 0 , 90 , and 180 , which cannot be adjusted.
The fan has four driving modes: A, B, C, and D. No2.8-6 # uses A-type transmission, No6-12 # uses C and D-type transmission, and No16-20 # uses C and B-type transmission.

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