Aluminium alloy access opening, return air outlet, access door
Aluminum alloy service port, return air port, service door
product description

The ceiling aluminum alloy air return port has the characteristics of uniform air supply and fast speed attenuation. After the air enters the voltage-stabilizing layer from the air duct, the static pressure of the pressure-stabilizing layer then flows through a number of small circular holes on the air vent panel to enter the room. The smaller holes on the orifice plate also play a role in voltage stabilization. The orifice air outlet is generally installed on the ceiling of the ceiling, and supplies air downward.

[Main uses of ceiling aluminum return air vents ]:
The fire damper is used on the air supply and return air pipes of the ventilation and air-conditioning system. It is usually open. Once the fire occurs, the gas temperature in the pipe will close by itself when it reaches 70 C, and it can meet the fire resistance stability and fire resistance within a certain time. Integrity requirements, to prevent smoke and fire.
The smoke exhaust valve is used on the pipe of the smoke exhaust system or the suction port of the exhaust fan. It is usually closed. When a fire occurs, the valve is manually or automatically opened by the fire alarm signal. According to the function of the system, the smoke is discharged. When the gas temperature reaches 280 C, it will automatically shut down, and can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability and fire integrity within a certain period of time, and play a role of smoke and fire resistance.

[Detailed description of multi-leaf aluminum alloy air outlet ]:
Fire damper
1. Fire valve, fire control valve, normally open, closed at 70 degrees, generally installed at the place where the air pipe passes through the firewall, to cut off the fire, you can set the output electrical signal, the valve is closed when the smoke exceeds 70 degrees, the chain is sent (supply) ) The fan is turned off;

2. Smoke and fire control valve, normally open, closed at 70 degrees, same as 1, but one more signal input, which can be closed by remote control of the control room. It is generally used in the common air pipe system for air supply and fire supplementary wind, in case of fire Can control the closing of rooms that do not need air supply;

3. Fire valve, 280-degree fuse closed, normally open, output electrical signal. This is similar to 1, except that the fuse temperature is different. It is generally used in fire exhaust pipes passing through the firewall. When the temperature of the smoke exceeds 280 degrees, the fuse is automatically closed. The exhaust fan can be shut down in a chain.

Ceiling aluminum return air

Exhaust valve:

1. Smoke exhaust fire valve (normally closed, electrical signal open, 280 degree fuse closed, or manually closed) is generally used in smoke exhaust systems. One can be installed in the exhaust inlet of the smoke exhaust fan, which is opened and closed by the control room during a fire. The exhaust fan can also be shut down from time to time.

2. The smoke exhaust valve is the same as the above 3, the name of each unit is different. Some are called smoke exhaust valves according to their operating temperature, and some are called fire dampers according to their use properties. Change the metal to the one with a 280 degree fuse.

3. Fully automatic smoke exhaust and fire prevention valve (for subway engineering) The fire prevention and smoke exhaust valve of subway ventilation and air conditioning system has the function of linkage control with automatic fire alarm equipment and gas fire extinguishing system. Each fully automatic smoke and fire valve has two vertical electric control signals, which are monitored by EMCS and gas elimination systems. The control signals are DC24V 10% signals. Each fully automatic smoke and fire valve has six vertical feedback signals (three open in place and three closed in place). The feedback signals are normally open passive contact signals.

Exhaust port:

If you install the necessary smoke exhaust valve on the pipeline, you can use the ordinary single-layer louver air vent; otherwise, you need to use a plate exhaust, which also has a smoke exhaust fire valve mechanism.

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