Aluminum diffuser
Aluminum alloy diffuser
product description

FK-10 square diffuser, airflow is attached (flat), suitable for broadcast rooms, classrooms, workshops, workshops, concert halls, libraries, hospitals, offices and other places. The diffuser can be divided into two types: square and rectangular. The structure is basically the same, and it can be used with the regulating valve. Three-side and two-side blow diffusers are generally installed on the ceiling near the wall. The air supply direction can be selected to let the wind blow to the center of the room to achieve the ideal air supply effect. The square diffuser is made of aluminum alloy of, and the surface is treated with anodic oxidation; it can also be painted or electrostatically sprayed according to user requirements, and the color can be selected according to user requirements. The square diffuser can be equipped with a regulating valve or filter according to user requirements. FK-31 type air vent is developed on the basis of FK-10. The differences are: FK-10 is square, FK-31 is rectangular, and the structure is basically the same.

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