Aluminum louver air vent
Aluminum louver air vent
product description

Aluminum louver tuyere is a kind of air vent that is widely used now . The specific advantage in application is that it can greatly reduce noise. In addition, the aluminum louver tuyere is an improved return air vent based on the return air louver. And the page center of the return air outlet is connected with the outer frame by a door hinge. It is mainly used in various forms of return air outlets and used in conjunction with filters. In addition, the filter can be easily removed for cleaning, dust removal, and air outlets. Specifications can be produced according to user needs.

I. Noise advantage: Aluminum louver air vents can greatly reduce the resistance to airflow transmission and reduce noise. They are assembled into a series of aluminum alloy air louver specifications according to the requirements. .

2. Corrosion resistance advantage: The aluminum oxide louver tuyere has a second oxidation coating and an all-aluminum alloy structure. The stainless steel plate and galvanized steel plate are used for rain and fire protection in any climate condition, and can be assembled into large-scale shutters. Large air flow and good sound insulation characteristics, the movable blade is sandwich type, and the sound insulation material is inlaid between the layers.

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