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Air conditioning end
KDX series ceiling air-conditioning units are ceiling-mounted air handling units at the central air-conditioning system. The air can be filtered, cooled and dehumidified, heated by enthalpy humidification, and fresh air is introduced. It is suitable for sending the treated air to a certain distance through the air pipe.
The YSKD series remote jet air-conditioning unit supplies air directly without a duct, saving space and reducing floor height. Long-distance air supply, hot and cold air to the designated location. Simulate the natural wind to create a comfortable air-conditioned environment.
ZK series low noise cabinet air conditioners can meet the requirements of cooling, humidification and dehumidification under different environmental conditions. It is widely used in air-conditioning projects of civil and industrial buildings such as defense, scientific research, culture and education, health, high-rise hotels and factories.
XH fresh air ventilator features: replacement ventilation function, energy recovery function, silent design, air filtration purification function.