Clean purification air-conditioning unit
Clean purification air-conditioning unit
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Clean purification air-conditioning unit,

的材料或面层,材质表面应光洁。 1 The inner surface and built-in parts of clean-type purification air-conditioning unit shall be selected from corrosion- resistant materials or surface layers, and the surface of the materials shall be smooth and clean.

2 The internal structure should be easy to clean and can smoothly remove the cleaning wastewater, and it is not easy to accumulate dust and breed bacteria.

3 The condensate drain of the surface cooler should be provided with a device that can automatically prevent back suction and discharge condensate smoothly under negative pressure. During dehumidification conditions, water should be discharged within 3MIN of system operation. The condensate pipe cannot be connected directly to the sewer.

4 Differential pressure gauges should be installed before and after the air filters at all levels, and the measurement takeover should be unobstructed and tightly installed.

5 Water spray air handlers should not be used. When using a surface cooler, the velocity of the airflow through the section where the coil is located should not be greater than 2M / S.

6 The humidifier in the clean purification air-conditioning unit should be a dry steam humidifier, and water droplets should not appear during the humidification process. The quality of humidified water should meet the sanitary standards of drinking water. Humidifier materials should be corrosion resistant to facilitate cleaning and inspection.

7 There should be a sufficient distance between the humidifier and the air-conditioning equipment section behind it. The relative humidity of the air in the system before the high-efficiency filter of the air-conditioning system of class Ⅰ ~ Ⅲ clean room should not be greater than 75%.

8 The seal of the unit box should be reliable. When the static pressure value of 1000PA is maintained in the unit, the air leakage rate of the cabinet should not be greater than 1% for systems with cleanliness equal to or higher than 1000; 2%.

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