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The company is located in Wucheng County, Shandong Province, which is full of vitality, FRP County, and FRP Air Conditioning Capital. The company has a beautiful environment, convenient transportation and an excellent geographical location.
The main products are: FRP centrifugal fan , water-cooled unit, smoke exhaust fire valve , air-cooled unit, FRP duct , central air-conditioning fan coil unit, air-conditioning unit, all aluminum alloy tuyeres, fresh air ventilator, explosion-proof roof fan , shaft Flow fan, centrifugal fan, glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fan, roof fan, fire exhaust fan cabinet , various materials of noise reduction shutters, natural ventilators, molded products, glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling towers and accessories, combined water tanks, composite light air ducts, fiberglass wind Pipes, galvanized air pipes, FRP winding pipe tanks, cable trays, purification and environmental protection dedusting equipment, laboratory equipment, electrical control equipment, textile air conditioning equipment, residential heating pipes, ventilation and air conditioning projects, fire smoke extraction projects, clean fresh air projects Design, installation, service, etc.
The company covers an area of 200,000 square meters and employs more than 1,000 people. With the world's top production equipment and manufacturing methods, it is a professional engineering design, production, sales and service manufacturer dedicated to central air-conditioning mainframes and terminal equipment, ventilation equipment, aluminum alloy vents, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and environmental protection purification and dust removal equipment.
The company successfully passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental protection system certification and 3C certification.
In the company's after-sales service work, we continuously summarize our experience, continuously improve the service quality, and continuously strengthen our work, and gradually form a set of high-quality and complete after-sales service system, which solves the user's superiority and improves the reliability of product quality. Welcome customers and friends to come to the factory for inspection and guidance.

Address: Economic Development Zone, Wucheng County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province
Contact: Manager Dong
Mobile: 18605344116
Phone: 0534-6065024
Fax: 0534-2178521