Rainproof shutters
Rain shutters
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Users who have application of rainproof shutters may know that this product has multiple layers and single layers. Its single-layer rainproof shutters are used in computer rooms with long-term ventilation requirements and other public places. It also has water collection. The ditch consists of rain-proof blades and a side frame with a drip frame. Even when it is applied to heavy rain, it can not only effectively prevent rainwater from entering the room, but also not form a water curtain on the windward surface of the entire rainproof shutter, thereby ensuring normal design ventilation requirements. Because the single-layer rainproof blinds do not have any pollution itself, and the solar window can insulate against ultraviolet rays and adjust the indoor light, it can minimize the adverse effects of the outside world on human beings, and make people's lives have a pleasant environment.
In addition, according to the introduction, it can be known that the rainproof blinds are used in computer rooms or other public places that require ventilation and rainproof, heat insulation and adjustment of airflow. It also has rainwater-proof blades for gutters, side frames with drip frames and streamlined adjustment It is composed of blades. It not only has the advantages of a single-layer rainproof shutter, but also the staff can adjust the opening of the rainproof shutter according to the indoor temperature or ventilation demand. The horizontal lines arranged as a whole do not break the monotonous flat layout form, and can bring a sense of change and reading to the modern concise space, giving the finishing touch to the home decoration.

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